Learning how to relax with the sounds of our planet

Relaxation techniques



‣As we seen in our last ‘Learning more about’, anxiety has three parts, first the emotional experience, second the body reaction and third the behaviour.

Today’s relaxation technique affects our body reaction. When we experiment anxiety the sympathetic nervous system increases its activity, the sympathetic system’s primary process is to stimulate the body’s response. That means that it increases our heartbeat and accelerates our breathing (among other things)

‣Diaphragmatic breathing consists in breathing deeply taking the air to the bottom of the lungs. During inhalation, your diaphragm contracts so that your lungs can expand into the extra space and let in as much air as is necessary. When the diaphragm contrasts it pushes your abdominal muscles and your belly moves forward, that’s why this kind of breathing is sometimes called belly breathing.

‣Diaphragmatic breathing’s major benefit is that it activates the parasympathetic nervous system. Parasympathetic system conserves energy so it restores the body functions that were activated at first by the sympathetic system, recovering body’s balance. Heartbeat rate and blood pressure decrease, breathing slows down, blood levels of oxygen increases and stress is reduced.


‣ Put the video on (Sounds and images can help us to relax)

‣ Sit in a comfortable position

‣Put a hand on the chest and a hand on the stomach, breath normally a couple of times paying attention to breathing

‣Now start breathing deeper, don’t force yourself your breathing must be deeper than normal but you must feel comfortable.

‣Inhale through your nose for about two seconds. Feel how your stomach is moving outward while your chest remains relatively still.

‣ Keep the air in for two seconds and breathe out slowly through your mouth

‣Then start again

‣It is normal if at the beginning of the exercise you feel nervous or distracted. If that happens just come back to breathing and continue with the exercise

‣After a while of practice the exercise becomes easier and you feel more relax

‣The length of the exercise may change depends on how you feel, how anxious you are or how much you have practiced the exercise before. We recommend you to go little by little increasing the length of and it adjusting it to your needs.